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Photography Project – Cars Then & Now


This is a fascinating project comparing photos of people with the cars they’ve driven for a very long time. I especially like the similar-but-not-identical settings of the sets of the photos.

Photography Project – Cars Then & Now » [via kottke.org]

Studica Skills Competition


Awarding cash, electronics, software and scholarships, students are given multiple opportunities to win monthly with a grand prize at the end of the competition. Studica Skills is a set of international design contests in 3d animation, character modeling, graphic design, page layout, web design, digital sketching, photography, and dozens more digital media categories.

Created to challenge students both technically and creatively, Studica Skills is designed as an addendum to classroom learning. Awarding cash, electronics, software and scholarships, students are given multiple opportunities to win monthly with a grand prize at the end of the competition.

The competitions can get pretty heated and are a great way to stretch your creative muscles. There are competitions in design categories as well as competitions to test your knowledge of specific software such as Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Illustrator or InDesign.

CD-ED’s Digital Arts Technology Training Institute is working to incorporate the Studica Skills competition into its curriculum to allow students a chance to compare their skill levels and creativity with that of students across North America, as well as with their own local classmates.

It is open to all students, and even if you don’t win you can post your work and have it seen on the largest social networking site on the Internet.

We encourage our best & brightest to submit (that means you!)

* All Competitions are Free to Enter
* Enter as many Competitions as you wish
Studica Skills Competitions at Facebook –>
Studica Skills Competitions online –>

Graphic Design Photosets on Flickr


A highly impressive group of more than 100 Flickr sets by Maryellen McFadden, a retired graphic designer in Oregon, this is an excellent resource for graphic designers. Vintage photos, Pictorial Modernism, the graphic design history from Switzerland, Canada, Cuba, Japan and more, film posters, calligraphy – you name it, she’s got it, and it’s in spades and very high quality, at that.

It’ll take a long time to get through this, so make sure to bookmark it and use as part of your morgue files for reference whenever you need a boost.

Graphic Design Photosets on Flickr –> [via SwissMiss]

Strobist Pumpkins


Strobist is a really great lighting and photography website, with a great community and tons of tips for taking great photos. I’ve been meaning to tell you about it for a while, and today seemed like a perfect opportunity, since today there’s a link to a really fun pumpkin photo set.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Pumpkin Flickr set –> [via Strobist]

Kim Keever


Kim Keever builds panoramas in aquariums, fills them with water, takes gorgeous photos and then ages them. Fantastic images, although the site is low on information.

Kim Keever –> [via NotCot]

Building-Sky Typography


Some industrious photographer went out and found arrangements of buildings, and took photographs to simulate the alphabet. This site gives credit to a Jack Turner, and this site, while I can’t exactly translate the language, seems to credit a Lisa Rienermann.

In any case, they’re really interesting and you should take a closer look. Typography is everywhere, and letterforms can be made from nearly anything :)