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Amazing Photoshop Technique

OK, I’ve been using Photoshop for over a decade, and every last one of the options used in this video (whose origins I don’t know) is completely new to me. I actually watched this extremely short tutorial in complete awe.

I’m off to find a series of photos to merge into one!!

Removing People from Photographs »

Type Art

Tree Frog with Type

Zebra Art

Jarrell Goh does some amazing work creating art out of only type. Don’t believe me? Look closer. Much closer:

Zebra Type Art

Typography Art by Jarrell Goh » [via Why Me?]

Steps to CSS Design

When I came across this link I was expecting a list of reasons, but what I found instead was a solid workflow for designing with CSS. Bookmark it, folks!

Why Programmers Suck at CSS Design »

81 Logo Design Resources

This is a fabulous set of links for people who design logos.

81 Logo Design Resources »

It’s not Its

Finally, someplace I can send people:

Design to get you Hiding Under the Covers

Penguin Design

Fabulous post on the Penguin blog about designing book covers in a series related only by genre.

Design to get you Hiding Under the Covers »

Choosing Colours for Your Brand

Choosing Colours for your Brand

Graphic Design Students: GO! » [via swissmiss]