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Creative Curio Redesign


Oh, lovely! I’ve been waiting for this for a while – LaurenMarie has finally published her new design for Creative Curio.

It’s full of texture and white space, has wonderful colour and organization, and is just a delight. I’m glad her extremely informative posts now have a home worthy of them!

Congratulations, LaurenMarie!

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Bold & Experimental Typography


Really wonderful, huge list of bold typography choices, some in alternative media, some done digitally, all beautiful.

Sometimes typography is all you need to communicate your ideas effectively. Graphics can support the type or type can support the graphics, but to deliver the message precisely, you need to make sure your type is expressive enough, your design is distinctive enough and the composition is strong enough. The results are sometimes crazy, sometimes artsy, sometimes beautiful, but often just different from things we’re used to.

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PACO: An Animated Short


An interesting short done by some animation students over 2-3 years.

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Winners of the What is Graphic Design Contest


The ever-brilliant Veerle has announced the winners to her What is Graphic Design poster contest. All the entries are available at the Flickr pool, and the winners can be seen at the link below.

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How to find images on the internet


Images can be found just about everywhere on the mighty internet. Below you’ll find some interesting gateways to larger image collections. Some are for free, some ask for hard bucks. Some are copyrighted, others are not or even others have a Creative Commons license. If you have located an image somewhere in the digital chaos of the world wide web, always check the conditions of use.

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Photography Project – Cars Then & Now


This is a fascinating project comparing photos of people with the cars they’ve driven for a very long time. I especially like the similar-but-not-identical settings of the sets of the photos.

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