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Strobist Pumpkins


Strobist is a really great lighting and photography website, with a great community and tons of tips for taking great photos. I’ve been meaning to tell you about it for a while, and today seemed like a perfect opportunity, since today there’s a link to a really fun pumpkin photo set.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Pumpkin Flickr set –> [via Strobist]

Shiny Binary


Beautiful art, design, typography, illustration and photo manipulation by Nik Ainley. There are far more pieces than I could possibly show you here, so make sure to click the link and ogle!

Shiny Binary –>

SEED Conference Sketchnotes


Mike Rohde, a designer, writer and artist from Wisconsin, attended the SEED conference this week, and took/drew these really amazing Moleskine sketchnotes. Not only are they an example of design-on-the-fly, but they also contain shiny nuggets of wisdom from some of the web’s best designers and developers.

SEED Conference 2007 Sketchnotes –> [via 37Signals]

Web Design: Dodge Ball


Really beautiful CSS-based design over at the Dulles Dodge Ball site. It also sounds really fun :)

Dodge Ball –> [via webcreme]

Exotique Cover Art


Marta Dahlig is the artist responsible for the cover art of the beautiful Exotique 3 masterpiece I showed you yesterday, called Umbrella Sky. She obligingly takes us through some of the steps she followed to create this work of art over at CGSociety.

Umbrella Sky –>

Exotique 3


Ballistic is hitting another one out of the park with the third installment of their Exotique collection of digital art books. We have several of this publisher’s books in the office, and they’re total eye candy; this edition is no different. With a full preview of the entire book in Flash directly on the book’s website, you know just what you’re getting – except web-sized images simply can’t give you the experience of actually holding one of these masterpieces in your hand.

It’s full of pretty pretty ladies, of course, but there’s also page after page of creatures and other dark characters that give the book a lot of depth and contrast. It’s not available until November, but my guess is, it will be well worth the price for the softcover or the hardcover.

Ballistic’s Exotique 3 –>

Layer Tennis, Take Two


Last week’s match didn’t really do it for me, but I enjoyed this final volley by Mathew Star Thomas on October 5th, and the progression on the Harrington vs. Anderson match was quite entertaining.

Again, Layer Tennis –> [by Coudal Partners]

Brütal Legend Concept Art


OK, this time I know absolutely nothing about this game, but the concept art is fabulous. I know I’ve been doing a lot of game art lately, but I just love showing you guys sketches and early-stage works. Thanks to the team at Kotaku for putting together this great gallery.

Brütal Legend Concept Art –>

Grids & Sketching


I know I’ve said it before, but computer design can be much aided by using paper first. Tara at the Graphic Design Blog gives us a great example of exactly how it works to speed up the process. Sometimes, it’s just easier to grab a sharpie.

Sketches and Grids Speed up the Design Process –>

Raving Rabbids Concept Art


Rayman’s Raving Rabbids is one of my favorite Wii games. When you run in this game, you actually take the two controllers in your fists and shake them up and down rapidly, just as though you were running – only way sillier. You can fling COWS, for crying out loud. The best part of the game was how ridiculously insane the rabbids were, so it’s with great joy that I can present you with some of the concept art. Better yet – some of it’s on a moleskine (scroll down to blog post #3 after clicking the link below to see the full shot of the crop above).

Raving Rabbids Blog w/Concept Art –> [via NotCot]